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An elegant and rich premier global platform for the International Conference on Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery (ICDMKD-18) that uniquely describes the Academic research and development across globe. This event tries to fill in the void that is being created by the current global academic and research by the different global challenges. To be held on Sep 23rd - Sep 24th, Bitola ,Macedonia and organized by ARDA CONFERENCE, this event will provide unique and rational opportunities to all the attendees, researchers from different domains. This event globally strives towards achieving excellence in the cutting edge of all the researchers from all the disciplines of technology and tries to differentiate the gap and integrate the thoughts. Of academies and researchers worldwide.

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Important Dates

Paper submission deadline : September 8th 2018
Last date of registration : September 16th 2018
Date of Conference : September 23rd 2018


Our main objective is to promote scientific and educational activities towards the advancement of common man's life by improving the theory and practice of various disciplines and sectors of Dermatology. ARDA CONFERENCE being one of the largest professional association of south asia organizes conferences, workshop, seminars and/or awareness programs by providing the technical and other supports to improve research and development activities, publishing high quality academic international journals as well as upto date and current transactions.

About Organization

ARDA CONFERENCE CONFERENCE is a global class interactive professional association for technical development and scientific knowledge platform where the international academics and professional community often meet and share their experience and wisdom in the forum that leads to its growth in addition to updates on cutting edge advancement on relevant research fields and technology.

Academic Research and Development Association is a global class academic and scientific platform that organizes several desks of unique discussions which make our conferences a perfect platform for B to B and academic niche all scientific research oriented interactions. Covering the entire canopy of academic research and development that affects world academic research and relevant development association ARDA CONFERENCE CONFERENCE along with its team reaches out to all developed and developing countries , paradises and exotic island ,harbour cities and hill stations ,global Cosmo to make the activities of this nurtured forum provide innovative and unique solutions for challenges the world is facing.

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Abstract Submission

Author Guidelines

Abstracts must be written exclusively in English.

There are 2 modes of presentation: Oral and Poster presentation. The authors can select the mode of presentation at the time of submission.

Abstract must be limited to 250 words and must be concise and clear, highlighting the most relevant aspects, findings and conclusions. The word limit for the abstract title is 20.

Use only standard abbreviations. Special or unusual abbreviations are not recommended. If otherwise necessary, the latter should be placed in parenthesis after the first appearance of the full word, except for unit symbols. Numeral rather than words may be used to indicate numbers.

Section breaks are not mandatory.

References are not required for abstract submission.

The abstract must contain original research material, not be published or presented at any other international congress prior to the conference.

The submitted abstracts will remain property of the Conference. The Scientific Committee reserves the right to publish and distribute.

Sample Abstract

Poster Presentation Guidelines:

Poster Presentation

Step 1

At least one author of each accepted paper must be registered for the conference for that paper to appear in the proceedings and be scheduled for presentation. Participating members may register as per the following charges:

Categories International
STUDENT (B.Tech/B.E) USD 249
STUDENT(M-Tech/PhD/Research Scholar) USD 299
  • For students registering late an extra amount of USD 20 will be charged.
  • Registered members are asked to intimate about the registration immediately
  • After completion of registration process, participant are required to send the Screen shot of transaction or registration fees payment proof to us on or before the last date of registration.
  • Any modification in the paper will not be accepted after the final submission date.
  • Maximum up to five authors/ co authors per paper is allowed for participate.
  • No registration will be entertained after last date of registration.

Step 2

Mail Bank Statement

Once you have transfered the registration fees mail the screen shot of online transaction to info@ardaconference.com(With your complete registration details)

Author/Co-Author Registration Fees Includes:

  • Participation in the technical program of upto two author/co-authors
  • Welcome reception
  • Badge
  • ARDA Conference Bag
  • Conference Accessories/Kits
  • Certificates for author and co-authors
  • ARDA Conference Proceeding
  • ARDA Conference Proceeding CD
  • Coffee breaks
  • Lunch
  • Awards Ceremony

Step 3

Camera Ready Registration

Submit Camera ready paper as per the guidelines.

Call For Paper

    • Foundations of data mining
    • Data mining and machine learning algorithms and methods in traditional areas (such as classification, regression, clustering, probabilistic modeling, and association analysis), and in new areas
    • Mining text and semi-structured data, and mining temporal, spatial and multimedia data
    • Mining data streams
    • Mining spatio-temporal data
    • Mining with data clouds and Big Data
    • Link and graph mining
    • Pattern recognition and trend analysis
    • Collaborative filtering/personalization
    • Data and knowledge representation for data mining
    • Query languages and user interfaces for mining
    • Complexity, efficiency, and scalability issues in data mining
    • Data pre-processing, data reduction, feature selection and feature transformation
    • Post-processing of data mining results
    • Statistics and probability in large-scale data mining
    • Soft computing (including neural networks, fuzzy logic, evolutionary computation, and rough sets) and uncertainty management for data mining
    • Integration of data warehousing, OLAP and data mining
    • Human-machine interaction and visual data mining
    • High performance and parallel/distributed data mining
    • Quality assessment and interestingness metrics of data mining results
    • Visual Analytics
    • Security, privacy and social impact of data mining
    • Data mining applications in bioinformatics, electronic commerce, Web, intrusion detection, finance, marketing, healthcare, telecommunications and other fields


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International Journal of Recent Research Aspects (IJRRA)

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Note-1 : The Paper from the conference shall be forwarded for the consideration for publication to the above journals.

Note-2 : All associated journals are nor not displayed due to unavailability of web space.The organizer may publish the papers other than these.

*Terms and Conditions applied


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For Accomodation details drop an email to info@ardaconference.com

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