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Upcoming Conferences In armenia 2021

The Eurasian country of Armenia is blessed with a knowledge-based economy, alongside a growing development in the field of science and technology. Attending a conference in Armenia 2021 will replenish your knowledge about your field of interest and this can also be utilized as an opportunity to visit the country’s culture and aesthetic beauty. All conference alert is a portal that will grant you access to information about all the conferences that are being held at Armenia. Subscribing to the website will give you free alerts about international Armenia conferences. This is an opportunity to interact with people of your thought wavelength and gain more knowledge in your field.

25th-26th February 2021, Indonesia

The aim of the conference is to build a platform for experts, academicians, technicians, scholars from global universities ,industries to converge together and present contemporary research projects that inform & illuminate delegates about the progress being made.

26th-27th February 2021, Philippines

WCASET aims to disseminate the latest research findings and advances on all aspects of Engineering & Technology, Management, Education & Technology, and Applied Science.

25th - 26th March 2021, Japan

(ICIRST-21) is meant to serve as a global platform for all varieties of researchers, technicians, scientists and academics. scholars and experts to examine the advancing of knowledge from multidisciplinary perspectives in fields such as engineering and technology.

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