How Do You Get A VISA To Attend A Conference

Attending a conference is a prestigious thing in anyone’s life. International conferences occur every day, whether it’s science, education, the environment, technology, the humanities, or any topic. Participation in these events enables attendees to present their research and ideas, network, and build helpful communication.

Luckily, active participation will boost your career and open the door to new fields. However, before finalizing the events, you must have a detailed knowledge of conference VISA sanctioning and other details to make your journey smooth. So, keep reading to learn how to get a VISA to attend a conference.

How to get a Conference Invitation Letter?

You will need a conference invitation letter for VISA before attending the event. You must have detailed knowledge of all forthcoming meetings to request an invitation letter.

You can register for conference alerts to receive all the news about upcoming events. It’s a one-stop solution for booking, scheduling, and finding venues for approaching events. In addition, an accurate and timely update on all the events can help you participate in your dream discussion.

All the Details About the Conference Invitation letter

All countries have adopted a similar procedure for attending conferences to ensure security and successful events. So whether it’s the USA, UK, India, or other countries, an invitation letter can help you a lot.

To receive an invitation letter, you must:

  • Fill out an online application form or email the request letter to the organizers
  • Explain how you’re related to the field. (You may be a researcher, practitioner professional, or student)

After the concerned officials have viewed your application, they will ask for some documents to verify your identity. Then, you can attach documents and fill in the registration fees for participation. Finally, you will receive an invitation letter, which is your proof of travel to the event.

Some of the documents the organizer may request are:

  • Good-quality scans of passports, photos, and other documents
  • Correct name, surname, address, and further contact details.

If you represent an organization, you must specify the following:

  • The name of the organization
  • The address of the office
  • The country in which it is based
  • Your designation

Additionally, further information may be necessary to provide concerning various nations and conference policies.

What Type of VISA is Required to Attend a Conference

You will receive an invitation letter upon successful submission of registration fees, your affiliation with the event, organization, and documents. This letter is proof of your travel which will help you speed up your VISA process.

According to country embassy rules, you may have to engage in various formalities. So, here are some general procedures that can give you ideas about VISA issues.

Do I Need a VISA to Attend a Conference in the USA?

Yes, if you belong to any other country except the USA, you must have a VISA. For example, to attend conferences in the USA, you need a B1 VISA. The B stands for non-immigrant VISA, which the Government of the USA issues. The B1 VISA is exclusively for attending conferences. On the other hand, there is a B2 VISA which is strictly for non-commercial purposes and tourists.

To apply for the B1 VISA:

  • Fill out the online VISA form on the US VISA website or visit the offline offices which can help you with the procedure.
  • Print the form and attach photos
  • Schedule an appointment and fill in the fees.
  • On the day of the appointment, carry your passport, identity proofs, conference invitation letter, photos, VISA application form, and receipt of nonrefundable payment for the application.
  • Answer the necessary questions about your reason for visiting, your stay, and other relevant information

If all goes well, you will receive the VISA in at least a week.

Do I Need a VISA to Attend a Conference in the UK?

Yes, you need a VISA to attend a conference in the UK if you’re from another country. The VISA is a UK visitor VISA. It is specifically for non-immigrants traveling to the country for business purposes.

To apply for a UK visitor VISA:

  • You can navigate the official VISA website, click on the UK VISA application, or visit the VISA offices.
  • Then, fill out the application form, and print and attach photos to it.
  • Now, schedule an appointment with the UK Embassy
  • Carry the invitation letter, passport photos, registration fees receipt, and all the necessary documents
  • You may be asked for fingerprint scanning, pictures, etc

After successful verification, you may receive a VISA in a couple of weeks.

Do I need a VISA to Attend a Conference in India?

Yes, you need a VISA if you’re from any country except India. So, there are two conditions; if a private company organizes the conference, you require an Indian Business VISA for a single entry.

On the other hand, if the Indian Government organizes the conference, you will get an exclusive Conference VISA.

How to apply for a VISA:

  • You can visit the government website for an application form
  • Fill out the form and attach your photos
  • Initiate payment to book the interview slot
  • Bring your passport, invitation letter, registration fee receipt, pictures, and other documents mentioned
  • Answer the questions asked by the officials

You will get the VISA in a couple of weeks.

In the majority of countries, the VISA procedure is almost the same. For the conference, you must know what visa the country requires, fill out the application and schedule the interview.

How Long Does a Conference VISA Last?

A VISA lasts for six months in countries such as the USA and UK. This means you can do some sightseeing too. For example, the visitor’s VISA is valid for three months in India. There is, however, a general validity period of 3 to 6 months.

Wrapping Up

This was a detailed guide on how to get a VISA to attend a conference. So, get all the conference alerts about bookings, venues, and schedules. Then apply for an invitation letter and a VISA. Attendance at these events will boost your professional journey and give you immense exposure.

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