How to Promote Your Conference or Event Successfully

Conference websites, email marketing campaigns, promo codes, PR campaigns, SEO, Google Ads, social media, attendee advocates are all the tools that one can use to promote their upcoming conferences. With so many different ways to market a conference, it’s difficult for conference organizers to know exactly how to promote a conference. However, once a conference promoter can break down their strategy into digestible chunks, it becomes much easier to design and achieve.

This blog will help conference promoters design a concrete event promotion strategy specific to their event strategy. Seeing the advertising strategy as smaller initiatives will make it simpler to adhere to, and it will be easier to gauge and examine the success of a promotion strategy.

Promote An Event On Social Media

Promoting a conference using social media is an absolute must. Social media makes it easy for promoters who don’t know how to promote an event by facilitating communication with people who would be interested in attending their events. Even if a conference is small and local, social media can prove to be an incredibly valuable tool.

In order to effectively promote a conference on social media, promoters need to optimize sharing. This means that they need to make sure that their ticket registration page and calendar can be shared easily. The conference registration page shouldn’t be too complicated but also at the same time contain a fair amount of information. Detailed and hard-to-follow registration pages can have a negative impact on ticket sales. If and when potential attendees stumble upon the ticket registration page, promoters should design them in such a way that these people should know exactly what the theme of their conference is.

Social Media Ads Help Tremendously In Attracting Audiences

Organic reach on social media is dead or dying, depending on who you’re talking to. Either way, conference promoters need to include social media ad spending in their event budget. When creating their ads, they should try to make them look like advertising as little as possible, as potential registrants are more likely to filter out anything that looks like a paid promotion. They will scroll right past such ads without a second thought if it is not convincing enough

Instead, promoters should go for a narrative approach, making use of images in every ad if they can, as content with pertinent images gets over ninety percent more views than content without.

Once promoters have defined their social media strategy, they will need to create a signup form that people can fill out and submit. The registration form is an essential part of the process.

Grabbing The Most Catchy Yet Relevant Handle As Early As Possible

Twitter and Instagram are the most widely used platforms to publicize an event, so promoters should be sure to set up handles on these platforms. If possible, promoters should use more generic handles that are not tied to a specific year or location. That way, they can use those same profiles next year to create some buzz. They can share –

  • registration links (the more often, the better), confirmed speakers,
  • the number of participants,
  • quotes from registrants or former participants,
  • photos of past events or their installations,
  • industry articles,
  • blog posts or posts from their speakers, and
  • even memes or silly gifs as long as they’re sure they will resonate with their target audience.

Coming Up With A Catchy Hashtag Is An Absolute Must

Hashtags are a must for conference promotion these days, especially since the social engagement of participants remains high. According to Google data, over sixty percent of attendees engage in online activity at events, while only a little over thirty percent say they would post specifically to an event while attending. Keep the conference hashtag simple and easy to remember, and making sure to research other unofficial hashtags that appeal to followers is in every conference promoter’s best interest.

add events,conferences,webinars

Blogging Helps Increase Outreach Exponentially

Blogs work excellently in keeping people up to date on an upcoming conference. Promoters should blog about their conference and the industry. If they are planning an education conference, it is a good idea to share education technology news and a blog on how they are planning their conference. If a new speaker has been added to the roster, they can use the opportunity to blog about it. Having a blog is also invaluable for social media. Every time a blog post is shared via Twitter or Facebook, a promoter’s conference is promoted. Blogging can also help increase the visibility of a conference on search engines, helping advertise an event easier. When people search for a conference on a specific topic, conference promoters want them to see their event website. This will help increase attendance at their event.

SEO Is A Powerful Weapon That’s Not To Be Taken Lightly

If people can’t find the details of a conference, they won’t take part in it. Therefore, a key pillar of a strategy to promote events online should be the optimization of one’s online search engine advertising efforts. SEO makes a conference promoter’s content more visible to search engines and makes it more likely to appear to users in search results.

Keywords are the heart of SEO, but there are other things promoters can do to help themselves and their content to become more visible to their target audiences. They should start by creating an SEO-friendly conference website. An event promotion website offers promoters an avenue to sell tickets and a place to create SEO-friendly content, but it also gives them the ability to fully customize their events. A strong brand will help organizers stand out and make it easy for their audience and attendees to identify their content when they see it.

Once promoters have created such a webpage, they can start creating content that will attract people to their event. A blog post about –

  • the event,
  • the speakers,
  • industry news, or
  • a relevant topic,

will allow them to use more keywords and do it more organically and effectively.

Blog content offers people a reason to visit their site and will increase their traffic, helping their SEO as well.

Using Special Ticketing Campaigns Works Wonders

Ordinary ticketing strategies are fine. But if promoters really want to try and increase their sales, they should consider mixing things up a bit. Detailed below are some of the “special” tickets that can give potential registrants a little boost –

Early Bird Tickets

These are discounted tickets that reward registrants who act quickly. Promoters should set a limited number of tickets to sell from the start at a lower price than their standard tickets. People who buy these Early Bird tickets can save money. Promoters get early traction by selling their event. It’s a win-win for all.

Group Tickets

Conference promoters can benefit greatly from encouraging registrants to bring their friends. They should make it cheaper for registrants to buy multiple tickets as groups. This way, participants are more compelled to want to spread the word and encourage someone they know to also take part in the event, offering promoters free advertising for their event.

Bundle Tickets

If promoters are serving food, drinks, or selling merchandise at their event, they should consider bundling them with purchasing tickets. “Get A Free Meal Pass With Your Ticket!” is quite an enticing value proposition. Selling ticket packages also serves promoters by helping them acquire a general sense of how many participants of their events are interested in the food and merch they have to offer.

VIP Tickets

These disrupt the concept of discounted tickets. VIP tickets are generally costlier than general admission tickets, but those who purchase them enjoy special privileges like better seats or faster access inside the hall.

Special tickets can do wonders for promoting an event, so conference promoters should try not to overlook them.

Video Promotions Are The Name Of The Modern Game

Investing in videos doesn’t just require a lot of time and effort, but money too, but it’s worth well it. Using videos to market an international conference is also one of the most creative ways to promote an event. This content format is all the rage currently, with audiences hooked on creative, edge-of-the-seat videos that relay information quickly and interestingly. Promoting a conference with a short video can assist in the delivering of a lot of information in a far more engaging and appealing manner than just conventional conference marketing mediums.

The Go-To Of The World’s Largest Conference Promoters

When it comes to promoting international conference events anywhere in the globe, using is the best way to promote an event as it includes users who use the platform in a professional and network capacity, making the users the ideal audience for international academic conferences, irrespective of the field of discipline.

What Makes So Sought After?

  • The website has over eighty thousand visitors each month from over the planet. Aside from the thousands of visitors each day, the website also has millions of subscribers who depend completely on it for seamless international conferencing experiences.
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  • With, they have a well-established, prominent conferencing platform that they can rely on to spread the word about their upcoming events.
  • In addition, conference organizers also benefit from the assistance of seasoned campaign managers who are designated to every event. These campaign managers go all-out in carrying out the promotional campaigns on behalf of organizers and accelerating ticket sales.
  • Being the best conference website, any and all potential leads are also handled by the organizers on behalf of promoters.
  • 24/7 support is made available to all organizers.
  • What makes the website so appealing to users from all corners of the planet and of all fields/disciplines/specializations is that there are dedicated web pages specially maintained for all, no matter what city or country they may want to attend a conference or what topic they may looking for a conference on.
  • Promoters can simply choose to have banners of their upcoming conferences placed on relevant pages and listings to advertise their events.
  • Promoters can also leverage the massive social media following of
  • With over twelve thousand followers, promoters don’t have to worry about building a social media following from scratch.
  • Having partnered with some of the globe’s biggest conference organizers, including IFERP,Bioleagues,EuroScicon,Conference Series,and numerous other highly reputable universities & educational institutions, already has authenticated mechanisms in place to help promoters achieve desired results effortlessly and quickly.

Reaching the target audience is essential for a great attendee experience, but so is the smooth running of the conference. There is no reason to let the promotion of an event depend entirely on a conference organizer’s shoulders. Organizers should delegate that too by leveraging to promote their upcoming events. Add your conference at Allconferencealert to set up your conference promotional campaign and market your event today.

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