Conference Alerts 2019-Best Ways to Keep Track of Nutrition and Dietetics Movement for 2019

How the People Suffers Without the Knowledge of Nutrition and Diets

For a healthy living one must have a basic knowledge on what to consume and in how much quantities. Our ancestors had cultivated this practical knowledge which they passed on from one generation to another until modernization annihilated it. It is also evident that our great grandparents had lived longer with functioning organs and healthy tooth and skin unlike us.  Westernization and workload have consumed so much of our time that food has taken a backseat along with health. Due to the lack of nutrition conference alerts leads to an Incomplete knowledge on the nutritional needs of the body and how to meet these needs with the available food, can lead to malnutrition and other health ailments which could at times be fatal e.g.of some diseases due to vitamin deficiency are – Pellagra (niacin/vit B3), Beri beri(vitamin B1) etc. There was also a misconception until a few years back where people believed that cholesterol was bad for health. The population was then made aware that there are two types of cholesterol – the good cholesterol (HDL) and bad cholesterol (LDL) and that the good cholesterol helps produce essential fatty acid, enhances the immune and endocrine functions, controls inflammation etc. The crowd believing in that misconception had reduced their cholesterol levels so much that they started showing memory loss – a symptom of dementia and Alzheimer’s. Another sad fact is that the youth today disregards traditional food as they consider it to be of lower status and care-freely consume zero calorie junk which does not help build a healthy body at all. Similarly, there are a few food taboos and cultural – religious practices which prevent people from consuming healthy food. The commoner’s idea of dieting holds good only when all the necessary food supplements reaches its body in required amounts. Thus, all these lifestyle changes have caused a drastic effect in one’s living condition which could have been prevented if one knew how to prioritise things. Therefore, it is important for one to understand the need for knowledge on nutrition and dietetics in order to standardize his/her living.

Importance of Health Care Programs and Conferences

Health care programmes aim at promoting health and fitness through various camps, surveys, Providing notification through conference alerts and other activities with which they can bring about awareness amongst the people. Their goal is to improve the health of the people via prevention, diagnosis and treatment of illness, diseases, injury and other physical and mental impacts in human beings. It also includes the work done in public interest by offering the old aged and disabled people medical insurances. The team involved in these programmes is interdisciplinary and includes   professionals, paraprofessionals, physiotherapists, psychologists, nurses, dentists, midwives, public health practitioners, nutritionists, community health workers etc. The definition of each health care programme may vary, could be both public and private but their aim remains the same. With these programmes in action, the professionals learn communication skills and handling of patients. The patients are also benefited with the comfort provided and are made aware of a lot of health related information. Some examples of healthcare conferences include food safety surveillance, needle- exchange program etc to prevent transmissible disease. Community rehabilitation centres to assist the specially challenged groups etc. Therefore, there is a mutualism observed when healthcare programmes are conducted.

Difficulties Faced by Nutritionists to Update the Emerging Trends in Nutrition and Dietetics

The nutritionist or the dietitian faces a lot of challenges in their work. The need to plan a schedule for different people depending on how their body responds to food becomes a tedious task. It involves a lot of effort in understanding one’s body mechanism. Some also find it hard to collect information for the patient on food that is currently available and easy to digest. They are required to look through various aspects before handing over the schedule to the patient so that he/she does not respond negatively. With the dynamic trends in food and lifestyle it is important for the dietitian to aware of the same and how these changes affect the body mechanism. If the nutritionist can come in contact with other professionals under the same branch by actively interacting or collaborating with them, he/she can avoid bigger challenges which were to come. Updating themselves with the current trends through various means can come in handy when understanding the problems stated by the patients.

Benefits of Nutrition and Dietetics Conferences 2019

The nutritionists, dietitian and other allied professionals can update themselves by attending various conferences on nutrition and diet. These conferences provide them knowledge on the recent advancements in the field, a platform to exchange ideas, debate and discuss. It also provides each other the opportunity to interact and think on topics for research. The conference only aims at distributing knowledge on current trends in nutrition, identification of disease or problem caused by dietary factors such as malnutrition, food allergy, metabolic disease etc.


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